Monday, October 20, 2014

What The Heck Ever Happened To Modesty?

As the father of 5 daughters, 

Michael Hyatt 

developed some really good Modesty Guidelines 
and asked that we pass this message on. 

I thought they were great and as a mom of four girls 
and a grandmother to eleven granddaughters 
I would love to pass this message on. 

Modesty Guidelines:

1. If you have trouble getting into it or out of it, it is probably not modest.
2. If you have to be careful when you sit down or bend over, it is probably not modest.
3. If people look at any part of your body before looking at your face, it is probably not modest.

4. If you can see your most private body parts or an outline of those parts under the fabric, it is probably not modest.

Michael also said:
Where are the fathers of these girls?

I love that he said fathers. Fathers get bashed to pieces now days and it's just not right. 

The other night at the football game my darling cheerleader granddaughter was very concerned about her modesty. I assured her she was covered up just fine and not to worry about it. 

She also is trying out to be water girl. I know that's what I thought too but she would like to be a Trainer as in fixing boboos at the games. It is a good occupation, well maybe. Time will tell. She's only 14. 

Well back to the water girl thing. One of the players gave her some strong lip. Her daddy told her to tell the coach. Guess who got benched and couldn't play for two games? Yep and guess who the coach told to watch their mouths around the girls? All the players. Yep!!! 

I love it!!

Grammy T.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Every Time I Felt Defeated

Dear Readers, 
My Good News Minute today is about 
a story;
"Migrant Mother"
Florence ThompsonSeptember 1, 1903 – September 16, 1983
In the 70's we lived in Idaho in a 
small farming community.

Every time that I felt defeated, 
I'd get out this story and hold my head up high 
and bake my bread and make yummy food 
with the bulk items I had on hand.  

It was a very difficult time for my husband 
and myself financially. 

My fifth baby was only six weeks old when I decided to babysit two extra
little boys to help out a little with the budget. 

They were the age of my oldest boy so I thought it was a fabulous idea 
until my stomach screamed that it was not. 

The doctor gave me medicine and said that I needed to take away some of my stress. 

Well I couldn't take away the bills and I couldn't take away our other concerns 
so the only thing I could think to take away were 
those two little boys that I baby sat. 

One of the little boys would stand at the window and stare with a broken heart 
because of his parents were getting a divorce. 
It was too much for me. 

My husband asked permission from his boss to work at 
a potato plant on a shift that started at
four in the afternoon. 

So he taught Seminary until three thirty and then loaded box cars with frozen spuds 
of all kinds until 12:30 in the morning. 

He would bring me home frozen hash browns that went so good with the 
home made bread toast, bacon and eggs that I fixed for him to eat at 
1:00 o'clock in the morning.

I would put my little one's to bed all comfy cozy and I'd keep my house spotless 
so that when he walked in the door at 1:00 o'clock he could feel at peace 
and comfortable and was better able to get up at 
6:00 o'clock the next morning and 
start all over again. 

He did this for four months until we could get on our feet again. 

As I look back on those times I realize that if I would have gone to work 
and been gone all day we would have had a dirty messy house with a 
mad husband and sad little children. 

it turned out just right. 

So read the story young mommy's 
and see if it might help you get through 
a little better too.