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Friday, March 2, 2012

Pretty new quilt

When I was in beauty college 
one of the horrors that was brought
to our attention 
was lice, 
yukky lice. 

I'd never thought much about lice at all really. 
Well one day they shut our school down early because one of the girls had 
found lice crawling around in the shampoo bowl. 

It makes me itch to tell you about it. 
Our instructors all bleached their hair that night to kill any unseen threat. 

About two weeks later I was shampooing a clients hair and I noticed 
tiny little flying insects and of course you know what I thought they were. 
I excused myself carefully and got one of the now very blonde instructors. 

She assured me that they were only fruit flies coming from the 
Thanksgiving decorations near the 
shampoo bowl. 


That was such a relief. 
Such a relief. 

Grammy T.