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Friday, October 14, 2011

We Don't Bow to Things

The Christus on Temple Square in SLC
A great man in our church once said:
 "We teach our people correct principles 
and then let 
them judge themselves."

I love this saying and I love 
"The Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Two summers ago, after our family reunion, 
we took some of our family to Temple Square in SLC 
and of course we went to the Visitors Center 
where the Christus 
is displayed. 

While we were looking at the Christus 
a little boy of middle Eastern decent 
walked up to the Christus and stood 
in awe of the beautiful representation 
of Christ.And then bowed to Him. 
It was very touching. 

That is something we don't see in our church but my little granddaughter 

thought it was a nice thing to do so she followed 
him in his praise of Christ. 
Very Sweet!!

Love, Granny T.