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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The voice said "Get out of here NOW!"

Rail Road Flat, CA : Miners shack -downtown Rail Road Flat, CA
Old Miners Shack in Railroad Flats, CA
Railroad Flat Cemetary
In 1980 I went to Railroad Flat to do some poking 
around and to hunt for the Pillsbury property 
to see where my grandfather had been born 
and where his father had died. 

First I went to the Calaveras County Courthouse 
to get directions and other information. 

I was very excited to go. I was alone 
and had enjoyed my trip so far....
until I got into Railroad Flat. 

There I got a foreboding feeling right away 
that I didn't like and then down one 
of the roads I found 
the graveyard. 

I had been poking around looking at headstones
for a few minutes when a voice said to me 
"Get out of here, 

Maybe I'd better I thought.

Just then a truck load of guys came 
tearing down the dirt road. 
I pretended like I wasn't
paying attention to them 
at all but I was watching 
them with my 

They had gone down to the end of 
the road and I knew they 
would be turning around 
in a few seconds. 

I didn't have far to go to get to my van, 
thank goodness, so when they 
were out of sight I ran 
as fast as I could, 
jumped in the van, 
locked the door and got 
the heck out of there 
before they could 
make it back 
to where 
I was. 

By the time they returned 
I was turned around and 
on my way back 
to town. 

(that is using the term town loosely).


A few days later I went to Sacramento 
to see my dad and I told him that I had been 
snooping around Amador and 
Calaveras County. 

I told him "No way" on the 
"We just grew potato's" 

I told him that I had been spooked
 and was so disappointed because 
I had to leave RR Flat 
without finding my family's 

Guess what he said???

"Your grandfather would never go back to RR Flat 
for hunting or fishing or anything... ever. 
He hated the place and felt like 
it was haunted."

"Good to know just a little too late"
 I said.

So my question dear readers is... 
Was my Papa Pills the one who 
told me to get out of there 
and to be quick about it 
or did I just pick up 
on his vibes?

Or what?

All I know is that it was a 
close call!!

Granny T.