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Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Am I Going To Hell She Asked

I have said before and I'll say it again

One thing that I learned while serving with them at the
 University of Florida, was that they all had a special purpose 
for being at a certain place 
when they were there 
while they were there.  

There was a campus ministers group of other young people
that would be on campus while our missionaries were there 
and they always yelled at our missionaries and 
told them they were going to Hell. 

On one of the days while our Elders and Sisters 
were visiting with some interested 
students about the Gospel. 

The ministers came a yellin' 
"You are going to HELL!" 

As they were walking away 
our Sister H. said;
 “Hey come back here! 
Why are we going to hell?” 

The young man turned and looked at her and said, 
“I don’t know, we were told that you were 
so I thought you were.”

She told him that was not a good enough reason, 
in her own special way of telling him,
and to not do it again. 

When they told me that story I laughed and thought 
only Sister H. could have done 
such a good job with that.
Only sister H. 

I love you Sister H. 

Grammy T.