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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

But For Today I Weep


My heart cried all day 

My eyes also cried 
at the funeral and last night 
when I was asked to say 
the family prayer. 

I put my hands over my face and said 
”Heavenly Father this has been such a sad day.” 
And I cried and cried.  

Finally Danny said 
”Do you want me to say it?” 
Yes, I nodded. 

After the prayer he told me all of the 
wonderful news of the Gospel, 
that Mistie was in a wonderful place 
and her family would be 
with her again.

"Families Can Be Together Forever"

 “I know, I know” 

The first time I hugged Mistie we seemed to know each other heart to heart. And so we hugged a very long time. I had cancer twice and I told her that. There is something about being a Cancer Sister that I can’t explain. I told her that my best friend Carol also had breast cancer that was in her lymph’s too and then later in her bones and liver but that she was able to live for 15 years when they had only given her a few months.

And I told her of a dear friend in California that had brain cancer and the doctors had suggested two months but that a year and a half or so later he is still here and had given a talk in church last month, and it was a miracle.

I told her she must have hope and never give up that she could have a miracle too. Russ told me last week that the cancer was in her spine and on each vertebrae and was causing the most excruciating pain.

After the funeral yesterday I realized that 
her life was the miracle. 

She was the age of my seventh baby 
and youngest daughter 
but she was very much 
like my sixth baby, 

 “Why Mistie?" 

There is a reason, 
I know there is. 

And I know my heart will grasp 
it one of these days but 
'For today I weep.' 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

“And if we die before our journey’s through.. all is well”

That is surely a depressing title and I know I owe you an explanation.

I have loved reading The Hole In The Ceiling Blog  this last little while. In fact I printed the whole story out so that I could read it at night before I went to bed. Jane's husband died of Cancer and left her with two young boys. She talks of what a horrible experience it was and her feelings have given me a better insight into saying the proper things to someone who has lost something so important to them whether the death of a spouse or a job and a home.

I have been praying for a sweet young mother that I go to church with that has battled Cancer for a while now. She also has an adorable young husband that cherishes her and two young boys. What a coincidence...well maybe not.

I thought that hope was one of the best things that I could give her besides prayer. But the hope turned into reality for us all this week and she is dying. I still pray for her, her boys and her husband that the angels will be with them to buoy them up in the times of their sorrow. Her pain is in her back because the Cancer has attacked her spine. The medicine has taken most or some of the pain away.

Last evening I took dinner to an older lady that I go to church with that is honestly one of the cutest little things I have ever met. She leads the music and what a treat that has been to watch her. She has been down with horrible pain in her back. Her spine is very disjointed. Thankfully she has been rescued from most of the fierce pain with medication. We all have been praying for her that her pain could be alleviated.

Today after I had been up awhile my back starting killing me. It has hurt me the last few days but today it was horrible. I have had seven babies and I can tell you that this pain was as bad if not worse than I've ever had.  I don't know why but I do know that tonight I have true empathy for my sweet friends that have had pain so much worse than mine.

The Lord hold you in the hallow of His Hands, my dear friends. xoxoxo

Grammy T.