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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Crash on Friday the 13th

Our Chevette was a cute silver.

On Mothers Day the older girl's and I were talking about 
"The Crash" we had in our brand new 
1977 Chevette Hatchback. 

It was so cute and it got such good gas mileage, 
29 mpg in the city and 39 mpg 
on the highway. 

We left early in the morning on Friday the 13th of February, 
the day after Becky's birthday.

I obviously fell asleep 
because when I opened my eyes 
I saw a road marker in front of me. 

I over-corrected and by doing that 
the car flipped 
end over end,  
over end. 

After the car rolled and was flying through the air 
with myself and all six of my children in it, 
I prayed to Heavenly Father 
and asked Him to help me because 
there was absolutely 
nothing I could do by 

A voice answered and said 
"You all have your missions yet to fulfill". 

When we landed in a ditch across the road, 
it was so peaceful and I heard 
the birds singing. 

Timmy had flown out of the broken and 
smashed window and 
had slid down hi-way 80 
on his back and arm. 

A car stopped to help us and I told them to go away 
that we didn't need their help. 

Obviously I was in shock. 

I then told Timmy to, 
 "get back in the car because 
we were going to go 
to Grandma's".

 He said, 
"Mom we don't have any wheels and all of the 
windows are smashed out".

I finally realized the situation we were in. 

An ambulance stopped on it's way to 
the hospital in Elko and we got a 
ride into town with it.  

They said that a trucker had radioed that there was a 
fatal accident up ahead.  

We were that accident but we were all alive
and had very minor injuries. 

That is physically. 

Emotionally I was a mess and 
I kept having flashbacks of the wreck 
over and over and over for a 
very long time.  

There is so much more to this story but it is 
all very sad so I think that I will just say 
that I am so thankful for the angels 
that were there to help us that 
morning on the I-80 between 
Wells and Elko, Nevada. 

I really don't know how we all would have survived 
without divine intervention.   

And as my family grew and got older and we had 
it was very comforting to remember those words; 

"You all have your missions yet to fulfill."

Love, Grammy T.