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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dear Mr. Blog

Dear Mr. Blog,
Here it is the post you've been waiting for.

I went to South Carolina last week and had a wonderful time  with my darling Grandchildren there. Also I saw my son who is a cute funny guy and bound to put 
laughter into anyone's day.Because he locked his house key in the house we were trying to find away to break in  without making too much damage. :) During that time of walking around the house I of all people stepped on the home of  the horrible tiny Fire Ants. They look like the little piss aunts or sugar aunts that we have out west but they are red. Any way as they climbed around on my feet and legs I said "Shoot, I'm really allergic to these things. Dang it!" That didn't stop them so I immediately ran to the cement and stamped my feet and pushed them off of me the best I could.  They weren't big like the Fire Ants I had encountered in Florida when we lived in Gainesville on our mission so I hoped they would not make me sick.  But alas, :( "See the blog post." 

I washed the bites and put some Bach Rescue Cream on them, which works wonderfully for mosquito or midgie bites and other itchy rashes. Whalaa I was immediately saved, I thought, but not now a week later they have risen with vengeance and become a terrible problem so much so as to affect my sleep and sanity. I went to one of my best friends Google to ask for an answer. I found I should have used ammonia on them as soon as possible. There are little portable ammonia pens that you can buy called Tender After Bites with ammonia in them to carry with you when in the south or other scary places. :) Then another site said Meat Tenderizer made into a paste would help. It has Papain from pineapple in it. So I soaked my feet and legs in Epsom Salts and then I put a paste of the meat tenderizer on the red bumps. I felt so much better Mr. Blog that I decided to tell you all about it.  I also took Bromelain tablets. It also is from the pineapple and I took Benadryl tablets to help from the inside out. I feel so much better and had to share. 

I have had a recurrence of the stinging pain at night and have resorted to spraying with Windex to relieve it. So let's add Windex to our little list. Now to soldier on by adding essential oils like Lavender, lemongrass, melaleuca, rosemary and myrtle mixed with a vegetable oil. I like grape seed or almond. 

It reminded me of the time that I got wasp stings that really hurt, so again I visited my friend Google and found out that the best solution is to put the sticky side of a banana peel on them. I cut up a banana peel put the little square sticky side down on my stings, secured them with a band aide and phew it worked. The pain and swelling was gone. What a miracle. 

Which brings me to the miracle of the everyday remedies that God has given us to use. 
I am so grateful for the help we have today to help us with these little fixes.