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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"You Are Going To Get Hit"

My Grand daughters with on of the little baby lambs in Loomis CA.

We had a little story a few days back 
wherein I was told to 
“Get out of here Now!!” 

And we wondered 
if it was the still small voice 
or was it Papa Pillsbury. 

Some of you voted for 
The Still Small Voice. 

I voted for Papa Pills. 

But in this story there is not a question 
that it was the Still Small Voice. 

Here it is:

I was parked at the square 
in downtown Rupert Idaho 
in about 1974. 

I went into Kings and the florist 
and when I came out 
a truck with a camper 
was parked next to me on 
my right side. 
I got in and as I turned
on the engine a voice said

 “You are going to get hit” 
guess what I said

“Oh Well”

Can you spell dumb!! 

But at the time I obviously 
hadn't learned how to 
listen to the Spirit. 


So I backed out, gingerly, 
and got hit on the back 
right side of my car.


I am so glad that I have grown past 
the stage of not being able 
to recognize when to say

“Yes Sir”

Grammy T.