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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Open Your Door" He Said

Jenna and Papa T.
I am having a really hard time writing funny little blog posts what with the sadness in Japan and all the crazy Middle East Drama so I decided to tell you another story about the still small voice that helps me out at very important times.  Remember the story of when I didn't listen to the still small voice and I got hit by a car? 

A friend of mine was a Podiatrist in Reno, NV. I worked for him on a part time basis for awhile. One day when I got to work he asked me to go down to pay a bill for him before I started cleaning instruments and making surgical packs. I took the envelope with the check in it and went out and got in my van. It was a big conversion van with lots of doors. As I sat down in my seat and little voice said “Lock your doors” and being the obedient person I was learning to be I said “Yes Sir” and when I was done locking all of those doors I started the van and was on my way.  

As I pulled into a parking spot in front of my destination I saw a blonde man walking to the right of the van and then I didn’t see him again so I just sat there and waited to see if I could see where he had gone. In just a bit he popped up at my window and said “Open your door” and as I looked at him I could see a very child like look in his eyes. He grabbed the door and tried to get it open. Now because I was a full time mom with 7 kids and I also did day care for many more I was used to working with little children so I said “No I am not going to open the door and you need to go away right now, you are being very naughty.” And I pointed to the sidewalk. In a bit he turned around and walked down the street and turned the corner. 


My legs were like noodles but I hopped out of the van, locked the door, and as fast as I could I ran into the office, paid the bill, called the police and told them about my experience and asked them to look for that young man. You see this office was right across the street from the mental hospital and I think they might have had an escape artist on the loose. 


Grammy T.