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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What A Mess - Get A Rake

What a Mess - Get A Rake 

As a mommy of seven children I learned 
a few things about messes. 

We lived in small houses and the front room was 

the main play area. 

1. Rake up the toys 

I got a carpet rake. 

We had shag carpet in those days and 
a carpet rake worked great. 

2. Put a basket behind the couch or

 someplace inconspicuous. 

3. Then take the rake and rake everything to the basket. 

4. Now the little people get to play vacuum and pick up the toys 

and put them in the basket. 

I used to set the timer and we would see if we could pick up 

twenty things each and get them in the basket
before the timer went off. 

And then we had a Happy Helper Treat for all of 

our fun work and a pretty room. 

One more thing that really helped.

I kept playdough, puzzles, and crayons, etc.  
UP high on a shelf that only I could reach. 

That really helped a lot.

Happy Raking.


Grammy T.