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Sunday, January 13, 2013

"What do you want for breakfast"

A few years ago some Basque students
 came to stay at our house in 
Northern California to perform at 
Sierra Jr. College 
near by. 

I asked them 

"what do you want for breakfast"
I was thinking that they would probably tell me 
bagels, croissant and fruit. 
No, they told me 


Hot Chocolate? 

I asked
So I whipped out my trusty little packet 
of Swiss Miss with 

They must have thought me 


As I look back

I think me extremely 

So what did they mean Chocolate? 

chocolate cake
 chocolate bar
pain au chocolat?

So there you have it. 

I should have served a 
big bowl 
of thick hot chocolate 
with some of these divine 
pain au chocolat!!

Yep I should have. 

Grammy T.

Pain au Chocolat, 
the classic french pastry a croissant filled with some nice chocolate, 
a typical breakfast in France. 

The recipe for the average bowl of "chocolat" requires a bowl...not a mug, 3/4 filled with warm milk and then 3 big spoonfuls of instant chocolate mix. It's that simple. Nesquik makes a great instant "chocolat". When ordering a "chocolat" in a fine establishment you will be served a mug with melted chocolate in it and then hot milk on the side to dilute as desired. Very rich and very very good!!!