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Friday, January 3, 2014

Orange Pull Aparts and Orange-Marmalade Rolls

Orange Pull Aparts and Orange- Marmalade Rolls

I've lost all of my pictures so I am updating this recipe. I am going to send you to another page of Pioneer Women's and you will have two recipes and they are both amazing.

Well I was perusing over my blog today and checking the blogs I love and came up with an awesome ones to share. Here where I live orange sticky rolls are a favorite and we get them from Shirley's Bakery in Provo. So when I saw this recipe for pull apart bread and then saw Ree's take on orange pull apart bread I knew we had a winner. At least for the folks where I live. I would leave out the raisins but you can find the recipe and all of the pictures here.

Whenever I sew I watch recorded episodes of The Pioneer Women and I find that we eat lots better when I do. :) 

And see the Smucker's jam makes it very simple. 

Easy Peasy!! 

Grammy T.