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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good News Minute ~ A Special Story

Miss Fancy Nancy

Dear Readers, 
My Good News Minute today is about 
a story that changed my life.  

In the 70's we lived in Idaho in a 
small farming community.

Every time that I felt defeated, 

I'd get out this story and hold my head up high 
and bake my bread and make yummy food 
with the bulk items I had on hand.  

It was a very difficult time for my husband 
and me financially. 

My fifth baby was only six weeks old when I decided to babysit two extra
little boys to help out a little with the budget. 

They were the age of my oldest boy so I thought it was a fabulous idea 
until my stomach screamed that it was not. 

The doctor gave me medicine and said that I needed to take away some of my stress. 

Well I couldn't take away the bills and I couldn't take away our other concerns 
so the only thing I could think to take away were 
those two little boys that I baby sat. 

One of the little boys would stand at the window and stare with a broken heart 
because of his parents were getting a divorce. 
It was too much for me. 

My husband asked permission from his boss to work at 
a potato plant on a shift that started at
four in the afternoon. 

So he taught Seminary until three thirty and then loaded box cars with frozen spuds 
of all kinds until 12:30 in the morning. 

He would bring me home frozen hash browns that went so good with the 
home made bread toast, bacon and eggs that I fixed for him to eat at 
1:00 o'clock in the morning.

I would put my little one's to bed all comfy cozy and I'd keep my house spotless 
so that when he walked in the door at 1:00 o'clock he could feel at peace 
and comfortable and was better able to get up at 
6:00 o'clock the next morning and 
start all over again. 

He did this for four months until we could get on our feet again. 

As I look back on those times I realize that if I would have gone to work 
and been gone all day we would have had a dirty messy house with a 
mad husband and sad little children. 

it turned out just right. 

So read the story young mommy's 
and see if it might help you get through 
a little better too. 

Grammy T.