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Saturday, February 22, 2014

How To Reboot iphone With Power Button Broken

Grammy T's Amazing Adventures: How To Reboot iphone With Power Button BrokenHow to Reboot an iphone when power button is broken

On my iphone 3G my sleep/wake button doesn't respond and 
I found a fix so I wanted to share with you. 

See the solution below:

If your phone is not frozen, you can turn on "digital" versions 
of your hardware keys without erasing network settings. 
Go to settings, general, accessibility; 
assistive touch  "on". 

A small white dot will show up on your screen, 
which you can move wherever you'd like to keep it. 
Tap the dot, 
tap device, 
and there is your lock screen button, 
which if you hold down 
will bring up 
the power off
red arrow. 

You can use these buttons the same way you would 
the "real" button.

That worked and it was booted off. 

Then - Oh, oh I couldn't  figure out 
how to turn it back on without 
that power button that is on 
the top right of the phone 

because it is broke.

I looked until I found a very easy peasy fix. 

Do you want to know what it is? 

OK, I'll tell you. 

 When you plug the phone or ipad into the wall 
as if you were charging the device and 
it will power on. 

Yep, that easy and it worked. 
I thought I was going to have to get 
a new phone 
or have it taken apart but nope, 
just plug it in to charge it 
and walaaah! 

It is fine. 

Grammy T.