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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Heavenly Father Sent Us Two Black Cows

I've always loved looking at the faces of cows. 

So when I was reading Ree Drummond's Blog and looking up a 
yummy recipe that I just had to have to cook for dinner.
 I stumbled upon this little guy. 

Adorable right?

That jogged my memory back in-time when we had just moved to 
Loomis California. 
It was a hundred years ago in 
about 1987. 

One night when we were kneeling down for family prayer my husband 
asked my little girl Amy if she would like to say the prayer.  
"Sure" she said. 
During the prayer she asked Heavenly Father to please send us 
some cows because they were so cute and 
their faces were so sweet. 

Of course I was thinking not a chance that would happen, 

 In the middle of the night there was such a ruckus going on outside. 
Dogs were barking, coyotes were howling, 
the whole works. 

I couldn't see a thing out there it was so dark. 
We had no street lights, we lived in the country for pitty sake. 

Well low and behold the next morning standing in our front pasture were two
Big Black Angus girls.



No kidding


The End

Grammy T.