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Friday, January 31, 2014

Be Careful With Buddy Burners

Doomsday Prepping Family Night: DIY Buddy Burners

But the Winner of the most views on my blog is;

It tells me that a lot of people, at least 1165, care about how to have a cooking tool for ruffing it. 

And there are some wonderful instructive pages out there on the internet for help in making a Buddy Burner. 

I love the blog post that was done by The Hepworth's.

I am including the picture of their project with this post. 

I really like the starter tab that they included on the top of the little burner can. 

In my post you will see me helping the children,  Matilda and Sarah Sullivan with neighbor friend Morgan Ivie, cooking eggs, toast and hash-browns. 

What you didn't see is that a little fire started on the wood chips in the landscaping. 
And you didn't see Sarah dashing water on the flames and you didn't see the little explosion that erupted, blew up in my face and singed my hair. 

That really did happen and even though I saved tuna cans and home-storage cans for months to make more we didn't cook outside with them again because of the extreme fire danger that was present in our area. 

When I was little I used my Buddy Burner on a picnic table on my patio in my backyard, not on wood-chips. 

You do have to be careful when using any fire source for cooking. 
And pouring water on burning wax is not being careful as Sarah learned. 

Salt, that's what should have been used. 


Grammy T.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Love My Buddy Burners

Frying EggsWhen I was a Girl Scout my leader, 
Mrs. Thorpe, taught us how to 
make buddy Burners. 

They were so much fun and I used mine 

all summer long to cook 
my breakfast.

Frying Hash-browns
 Well a few month ago I saved some large tin cans from my food storage, the one's you get at the Bishops Storehouse or Cannery, and I washed and saved some tuna cans. 
Frying toast
 Then This morning Sarah, Matilda and I made up the burners.

It was so much fun to cook our breakfast outside and 
it was the best breakfast they had ever had, 
for sure! :)

Grammy T.