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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh My Heck, He Ate The Red Ants

fire ant
They make me itch just to look at them.
I love our missionaries. The young men are usually about 19-21 and the young women are about 21- 23. One day when we were visiting with one of the Elders we served with in The Jacksonville Florida Mission he told us of the time that he and his companion were walking through a group of backyards and came upon a family barbecuing. They stopped to talk and asked them if they would like to hear a lesson about Jesus Christ. The father said “if you eat these red ants I will”.  Now let me tell you about those red ants, they are from South America and are killer ants! Well, they almost killed me. I was sick for a week after getting bit by them. But back to the story… Elder V picked up the cup setting on the barbecue that was full of red ants and swallowed them right down. 

Ewwwwe... I am itching all over thinking about it. My first question to him was “didn’t they bite you?"  And the answer was “yes, but it was worth it because they were the neatest family and very soon after learning more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ they were all baptized and to this day are serving the Lord with all of their hearts.” 

Bless this Elders heart he was willing to do whatever it took to serve the Lord. Now that is a story!!! 

I love you Elder V.  


Grammy T.