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Friday, January 28, 2011

It’s All About Tonight

Tonight Papa T. and I go to the Salt Lake Tabernacle to have An Evening with President Uchtdorf. This event is for CES teachers and retired CES. I remember the first time we got to go. We lived in Idaho and my 6th baby was little but big enough to make a fuss. In fact she was allergic to all milk except mommy’s milk so we were pretty much best friends. I was so excited to see President Kimball I could hardly stand it. BUT, I knew Amy would not be as excited as me and I would wind up taking her out. So what to do? Pray you say, that was my thought exactly. So I prayed that when President Kimball started his talk that Amy would be very quiet. The music started, you know that song “We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet” and we all stood up and Amy was wide awake and enjoying the lights and sounds. But when we were done with the opening song and prayer and President Kimball stood up Amy closed her eyes and went sound to sleep. When his wonderful talk was over Amy’s little eyes popped open and she was ready to help us sing the closing song. So you see  God does hear and answer our prayers.
Grammy T.

Tonight was wonderful.  President Uchtdorf  is always so inspiring but tonight after the meeting was over and we were all standing for him and his wife to leave he kept turning to us and waving like he didn't want to go. And then he put his fist over his heart and then pointed to us. It was so special. We love you too President Uchtdorf.