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Thursday, December 25, 2014

What Is The Redneck Version Of "See You Later" In German?

Three miles north of the Austrian Border on the German side there is a beautiful city of F├╝ssen

I met them in Germany 
in 1963. 
He was from North Carolina and 
she had been born in Austria and 
raised in Germany. 

I loved them to pieces. 
His name was Joe and hers Maria. 
He spoke pigeon German with a southern accent. 
He said cute things like, Kooken Due Spate for 
‘see you later‘, 
He could fix anything with gummy fudgey 
and he called me and Maria Schatzie. 

She had been a member of Hitler’s Youth when she was young 
and would not give her Hitler relics away 
to those American soldiers for bubble gum, nope. 
She buried hers.  

She knew she had been brainwashed and felt bad about it. 
While at youth camp they had gone hungry and 
her toes froze. 

I wish I could see them again right now. 
I would hug their necks and cry, 
I love them so much.

If you see them tell them I love them. 

Grammy T.