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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Letter

Baila and Cait on their special day. 
The Letter

Ruth went to her mail box and there was only one letter. She picked it up and looked at it before opening, but then she looked at the envelope again. There was no stamp, no postmark, only her name and address. 

She read the letter:

Dear Ruth:
I’m going to be in your neighborhood Saturday afternoon and I would like to visit.
Love Always, Jesus

Her hands were shaking as she placed the letter on the table. “Why would the Lord want to visit me? I’m nobody special. I don’t have anything to offer.”
With that thought, Ruth remembered her empty kitchen cabinets. “Oh my goodness, I really don’t have anything to offer. I’ll have to run down to the store and buy something for dinner.” She reached for her purse and counted out it’s contents. Five dollars and forty cents. “Well, I can get some bread and cold cuts, at least.” She threw on her coat and hurried out the door.
A loaf of French bread, a half-pound of sliced turkey, and a carton of milk…leaving Ruth with a grand total of twelve cents to last her until Monday. Nonetheless, she felt good as she headed home, her meager offerings tucked under her arm.

“Hey lady, can you help us, lady?” Ruth had been so absorbed in her dinner plans, she hadn’t even noticed two figures huddled in the byway a man and a woman, both of them dressed in little more than rags. “Look lady, I ain't got a job, ya know, and my wife and I have been living out here on the street, and, well, now it’s getting cold and we’re getting kinda hungry and, well, if you could help us, lady, we’d really appreciate it.”

Ruth looked at them both. They were dirty, they smelled bad and frankly, she was certain that they could get some kind of work if they really wanted to. “Sir, I’d like to help you, but I’m a poor woman myself. All I have is a few cold cuts and some bread, and I’m having an important guest for dinner tonight and I was planning on serving that to “Him.”

“Yeah, well, okay lady, I understand. Thanks anyway. “The man put his arm around the woman’s shoulders, turned and he headed back into the alley. As she watched them leave, Ruth felt a familiar twinge in her heart. “Sir, wait!” The couple stopped and turned as she ran down the alley after them. “Look, why don’t you take this food. I’ll figure out something else to serve my guest.” She handed the man her grocery bag.

“Thank you lady. Thank you very much!” “Yes, thank you!” It was the man’s wife, and Ruth could see now that she was shivering. “You know, I’ve got another coat at home. Here, why don’t you take this one.” Ruth unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it over the woman’s shoulders. Then smiling, she turned and walked back…..without her coat and with nothing to serve her guest.
“Thank you lady! Thank you very much!”

Ruth was chilled by the time she reached her front door, and worried too. The Lord was coming to visit and she didn't have anything to offer Him. She fumbled through her purse for the door key. But as she did, she noticed another envelope in her mailbox. “That’s odd. The mailman doesn’t usually come twice in one day.” She took the envelope out of the box and opened it.

Dear Ruth:
It was so good to see you again. 
Thank you for the lovely meal. 
And thank you, too, for the beautiful coat.

Love Always, Jesus

The air was still cold, but even without her coat, 
Ruth no longer noticed.
… Author unknown

I love this story it really touches my heart. I hope it touches yours too.

Grammy T.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Strip Quilt Kits

These are some of the quilt kits 
that I bought for Humanitarian. 

I don't need as many now so I am willing 
to donate some to a good cause. 

If you are interested let me know. 

Grammy T.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

If Ye Do It Unto The Least Of These My Brethren

Cute little Fleece Blankets for trauma victims at the hospital.

 Mr. Alligator, Thank you Linda.
Cute Rag Quilts

Today you will notice a change to my blog.

 No more ads.
If  you clicked to help me you are awesome, thank you. 
But I told my assistants and my Bishops cute wife a month ago
 that I felt that Heavenly Father would make my funds last like the 
flour barrel that never went empty. 

(1 Kings 17.1-15) Elijah the prophet came to the town gate, he found a widow there. She was gathering up a few dry, dusty sticks.

Elijah said to her, “Please, would you bring me some water in a jar to drink?” As she was going to get some water for this complete stranger, Elijah called out to her, “And please, bring me some bread!”

“Sir,” the woman said to Elijah, “As sure as the Lord your God lives, I don’t have any bread!” At least the poor widow seemed to know there was a God in heaven, she just wasn't sure who he was, or why he was making life so difficult.

The widow said, “All I have left in this world is a handful of flour and a little jar of oil. I am gathering up these sticks so that I can make one last meal for my son and me. And then we will die.”

Elijah said to the widow, “Do not worry. Go home and do just what you planned to do. But before you do, make a small loaf of bread for me. And then, from what you have left, make a loaf of bread for you and your son. For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel has promised, ‘The flour will not be used up and the jar of oil will not run dry until the day the LORD gives rain on the land.

And so, that is exactly what the widow did.

And day after day there was water to drink and food to eat. The flour was not used up, and the jar of oil did not run dry - just as God had promised! 

And yesterday it happened. My Humanitarian barrel is not empty or 
near empty anymore. 
And I am so thankful for that and I know that the Lord is 
mindful of our little gifts. 
One of  my favorite scripture says:

Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it 
unto one of the least of these
 my brethren, 
ye have done it unto me. 
(Matt. 25:35-40). 

Grammy T.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More cute Humanitarian things added

I am putting pictures up today to show you what we make for our TLC and Hospital Humanitarian Projects.

Cute baby things that we make for the hospital in our little town.


Grammy T.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Useful Things I Almost Forgot


While getting ready for the day today my hair was flying all over the place from the static. I was really getting ticked off at the mess it was making, kind of like a flying rats nest.  “Spray your hair brush with a little hair spray, ding dong, and it will solve that problem, remember?”… “I remember” I said and quickly got my little bottle of hair spray, gave it a couple little sprays and wa-lah my problem solved.

While I was commenting to one of my favorite Bloggie’s this morning in her comment box about orphan socks on wash day I told her my solution that I finally discovered after all of my 7 kids were raised. I now put the orphan sock away where it belongs and miraculously it’s partner shows up all by itself on one of the next wash days. The problem is that I taught all of my children to have a sock box or bag and that is such a horrible predicament to find yourself in with 100 socks in there to have to sit and sort. We use to have sock matching parties but that is so ridiculous, so please, if you are reading this kids just do it the new way.

And last but not least for today, I have to get some little rag quilts done for the hospital to go with the little hats I have been making, so that I can make a delivery to the nursery.  Happy Humanitarian Day :)
So goodbye until tomorrow.

Grammy T.