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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Boat

A 93 Buick Roadmaster Estate
We went to see the SC Thompson’s for Thanksgiving in 2011.  

They had a boat for a car with a bad disposition 
and it loved to shed it’s windows. 

They had to wait for a week for the fixit man to come and 
replace the big window in the back door of the car. 

The fixit man said “It’s all done, let me just tighten it a little.” 

You guessed it, the glass shattered.

My daughter in-law had to put a plastic table cloth 
over the gapping hole for another week. 

To which my sweet grandson Jake said 

“Mom that’s not going to work.”
 she replied' 
“That's what I did last week honey.”

Jake .....
“Oh, how embarrassing for you mom.”  

While we were there the little back window feel out 
just in time for the storm to dump ton of water. 

Oh my gosh!! 
I wanted to just take that thing and 
"Shove It"....You know for a cute little family van.

 When my ship comes in I’m going to have to do just that.

We had so much fun with The SC Thompson's.

We went to the football game for the 5th (Ellie) and 6th (Daniel) graders. 

Miraculously it was a tied game.

Ellie made a huge tackle on her big brother Daniel. 
A Huge tackle!

We watched all of the children dance on the field at rest time... 
Baby - Baby - Baby OHHHH...
I loved it. 

At home we sang karaoke, played bowling and Jeopardy on the Wii 
and we played a great game of baseball out in the big front yard
with Nana and Papa Jimenez and Uncle Patrick and Aunt Laura

Let me tell you, they know how to party!

We love you SC Thompson’s "You Rock"!!