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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Time For a Keto Diet

What have I been up to you ask. Well three or four things really. So I'll tell you all about them one at a time so as not to exhaust you. 

First off I am on a Keto Diet and I Love it!!! What is a the ketogenic diet? It is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. It's a diet that causes ketones to be produced by the liver, shifting the body's metabolism away from glucose and towards fat utilization. It has been making my skin itch because of the liver thing but I can fix it quick by rinsing off in the shower. That works and I take milk thistle and dandelion root. And that is helping. I drink lot's of water like it is my job. I drink a hot drink called Pero with butter, coconut oil, heavy cream and no cal sweetner then whipped to a froth. Yumm and it makes me use the restroom regularly which is nice too. 
 Lemon Cloud Pie
Lemon Cloud Pie Recipe

What is a Ketosis Diet good for? It's good for high triglycerides, 
fatty liver and a myriad of other ailments. 

The first time I got acquainted with high protein low carb diets was when I was pregnant with my second baby. The doctor said I was on the verge of having toxemia and that unless I went on the high protein, low carb diet he gave me he was going to put me in the hospital. So I obeyed him and I lost 10 pounds in a week. I'm sure it was a lot of water but still it kept me out of the hospital and I did really good on it until I delivered my baby girl. The second time was when I was pregnant with my fifth baby, yes I have lots of kids. I needed to loose the water weight and keep myself from the hospital again so I went on a low carb high protein diet and did really good and again lost 10 pounds in a week. After that I ate lots of egg and cheese omelettes with hot sauce for my two other pregnancies. That kept me faraway from toxemia because we need the extra protein when we are pregnant. Just like my ewes needed extra protein when they were about to lamb.  

I always did love sweets and those are not good for me. I found a few websites with lots of help and recipes etc. One is "I Breathe I'm Hungry". Look at this lemon pie which fits into my diet regime!!  Click the picture to get the recipe and she has lot's more.  

Another site is: 
Keto Diet App. And she has these killer Keto Bounty Bars. Check them out. 

Oh how many calories a day? I like to eat 800-1200 a day. that's all I need but I'm never hungry with this Kenosis way of eating. 

Well I think that is good for today. 

Grammy T.