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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Love Carmel By The Sea

Grammy T's Amazing Adventures: I Love Carmel By The Sea
Lillie's and laughter

After our trip to Carmel I decided to check and see how all of these 

darling houses came into existence. 

Carmel By The Sea is a darling village in fairy tale style 
and has been one of our favorites 
for years. 

Here is the answer:

How Arthur Rackham and Hugh Comstock are linked...
Hugh Comstock was very familiar with Rackham's illustrations and when his wife asked him to build her a showroom for her handmade rag dolls “Otsy-Totsys”, the first time builder looked to Arthur Rackman's illustrations and built his wife a Rackham-inspired cottage, called Hansel. Hugh found his life's calling in the building of the cottage and proceeded to build twenty one more, all of which can still be found in Carmel today. Comstock was certainly not the only one influenced by Rackham's drawings, Walt Disney told his illustrator's to study Rackham's style before illustrating Disney's first full length animation, 'Snow White'.* And Peter Jackson's 'Ent's were most certainly derived from Rackham's frequent depictions of Ent-like beings.

Tuck Box
Hugh Comstock's Tuck Box built as Hugh's office or as a home in 1928, but became a restaurant in the early 1930s and has remained one ever since. Photo by Linda

If you haven't been to Carmel you need to go. 
It is wonderful and enchanting and you 
won't be sorry. 

Just to see pictures of it make my heart 
go Awwwwe!

Grammy T.