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Monday, November 3, 2014

A 10 year old boy, A BB gun, Little Mice and a Big Picture Window, OOPS!!

Tim's picture window
This is still a good story. 

I have this adorable big family and my grandchildren can do some outrageous things at times. In the year 2000 six of them were born. They are now 10 years old. Two of them, the boys, were born on the same day in California but in different towns and hospitals. Two of the girls are twins so of course they were born on the same day and the other two, the oldest of the group and the youngest of the group are girls and were born in the same hospital months apart. 

The boys really are unique. To show you just how adorable they can be, later in the day yesterday, one of the boys, we’ll call him Tucker for the heck of it, went mouse hunting with his bigger brothers and their BB Guns, yep BB Guns. The mice had found the chicken feed from the adorable coop the boys father had built at Easter time and were having a feast. No problem….the boys will rid the neighborhood of these pesky little critters one little mouse at a time by shooting them. Great thinking right? Well, as the story goes the big boys did the shooting, let’s just call those big boys Tanner and Tyler for the lack of good judgment, and our youngest, Tucker was being very good and didn't aim at the mice at all. Not At All.  Heck no, but he did accidentally pulled the trigger and shoot the window, the picture window. I have to tell you that I am so glad that I wasn’t around when their folks got home. 

Fortunately for these Cowboy Casanova’s their dad had some time to think about it before attacking the problem. What did I do when I found out? I cracked up totally and completely. I was still laughing at prayer time, which puzzled my husband a bit.

Remember Tim when you took my new queen sized mattress out to the backyard so that you and all of the other kids in the world could have a soft landing when you and they jumped from the roof. Yep, I still remember too. And remember your BB Gun escapades in Idaho? Well, me too honey. And as far as I am concerned, I love you to pieces and you will always be my little boy. And it isn’t the problems we have in this ol’ life that matters it is how we handle them.


Grammy T.