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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Were You Afraid Of?

I don't know what you were afraid of when you were little but I was afraid of wasps. And I know why I was afraid of wasps. 

When I was very little I stayed with my Nana and Papa King in a rental apartment just off of Alhambra Blvd. in Sacramento. It was over a restaurant and at night the owners would play the accordion and sing. Very fun. One day Nana was coming in the back door from off of the back porch like thing where she had hung some clothes and a wasp stung her on the arm. Yikes!! She had been stung about ten times she said. I took a look at those wasps and they were crazy funny looking things and I decided that they were from Hell, not that I knew what hell was at that age but they were very phobically frightening to me and I decided that one would never, never, ever touch me. 

A few years later I was the little girl that caught honey bees in my bare hands without a quiver. But wasps... say the word and I would freakkkkk Outtttttttt!!! In fact one day my little brother and I were coming home from somewhere. I was driving and just as I turned the corner from Fair Oaks Blvd. onto New York Avenue in Fair Oaks, CA Kenny said "there is a wasp on your leg." I screamed and let go of the steering wheel and jumped to the passenger side of the car. Well the car didn't know what to do on it's own so it hit a telephone pole but the good news is that I didn't get stung by that WASP!

One good thing about these creatures is that they eat the maggot larvae in cow and horse poop so the fly problem is taken care of if you live in the country. 

I got stung a couple of years ago about five times under my arm and it hurt like heck. By then I had grown up and out of my phobia and I handled it very calmly. I Googled "wasp sting remedy" and found a great cure. The article said to take the inside of a banana peel, the sticky part and put it on the sting. I did and wahlaaaa, the sting immediately went away. HONEST, it worked. So next time you or yours gets stung by a wasp from Hell get out the banana peel and band aid the wet side onto the sting and see for yourself. 

So, tell me what were you afraid of when you were little?

Grammy T.