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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Big Yellow Lion

Berchtesgaden in Bavaria

My daughter Jessie and I were talking about prayer the other day. And we agreed that many times the prayers of tiny children are answered. 

As I was thinking about this phenomenon the story of The Big Yellow Lion came to mind. 

When we lived in Germany we were able to go to Berchtesgaden in Bavaria for an Area Serviceman’s Conference with meetings and lodgings at the Eagles Nest.
(I love it there) 

Hitler's Eagle Nest
Marion D. Hanks was a visiting General Authority and he told the story of a little boy that seemed to get himself into big trouble all of the time, 
for telling fibs. 

This is how the story goes:

When Johnnie was out playing in his backyard he saw something so awesome 
that he just had to tell his mom.

He rushed in the house and told his mom that he saw a big yellow lion in the neighbors backyard. 

"You know what I said about telling lies," she said.

And sent him to his room.

Later she told him he could come out of his room if he had learned his lesson. 

He put his little head down and didn't answer.

"Well, when you were in your room didn't you learn anything?" His mom asked.

"While I was in my room I said a prayer." 

“That is a very good thing to do.“ She said.

"Yes and Heavenly Father said...that the first time he saw Tommie’s new dog, 
He thought it was a Big Yellow Lion too.” 

Grammy T.