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Friday, December 2, 2011

You cut my hair Miss Jiggy Gum

A Little Chinese Pixie I Met In My Travels

Do you remember the time that you cut my pony tail off because you were mad at me Miss Jiggy Gum? 

I remember too but we made up and were BFF's anyway. 

Our moms were always getting into tiffs and I never knew when it would happen. I'd get home from school and be told that I wasn't allowed to play with Jiggy anymore. 

"Why this time Mom?" Because, blah, blah, blah.......

So I couldn't and that's-that for sure. 

My hair grew and Jiggy and I always forgave each other. 

But it sure took our mom's a lot longer to be nice.

Grammy T.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Useful Things I Almost Forgot


While getting ready for the day today my hair was flying all over the place from the static. I was really getting ticked off at the mess it was making, kind of like a flying rats nest.  “Spray your hair brush with a little hair spray, ding dong, and it will solve that problem, remember?”… “I remember” I said and quickly got my little bottle of hair spray, gave it a couple little sprays and wa-lah my problem solved.

While I was commenting to one of my favorite Bloggie’s this morning in her comment box about orphan socks on wash day I told her my solution that I finally discovered after all of my 7 kids were raised. I now put the orphan sock away where it belongs and miraculously it’s partner shows up all by itself on one of the next wash days. The problem is that I taught all of my children to have a sock box or bag and that is such a horrible predicament to find yourself in with 100 socks in there to have to sit and sort. We use to have sock matching parties but that is so ridiculous, so please, if you are reading this kids just do it the new way.

And last but not least for today, I have to get some little rag quilts done for the hospital to go with the little hats I have been making, so that I can make a delivery to the nursery.  Happy Humanitarian Day :)
So goodbye until tomorrow.

Grammy T.