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Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Protectors

Remember the time I came home from a date and found my Papa King and my dad on the front lawn with their shot guns? That was a bit shocking to say the least. My Nana King had died and Papa was living with us and he was sleeping in front bedroom of our house in Fair Oaks.

A board like Kenny made to save me.

I was out on a date with the boy who has been my husband for 52 years and I guess that someone knew I was out and wanted to surprise me when I got home because he tried to get into our front door. Papa King heard him and got my dad and the guns. Candy our little dog heard him too thank goodness. I guess that guy didn't know that my Papa had been a CHP and police chief for 40 years. But he should have known that Candy wouldn't put up with that kind of stuff. 

On another night I had just come home from a date and I was washing my face in the bathroom. The window was open because it was a hot summer night. I felt someone watching me and turned to look and I saw a persons chest. Yikes! I walked over and closed the cranked open window, dried my face and went and got Candy. I should have let her out the front door but I was a little afraid to do that. The next day Kenny my little brother checked the flower beds and found bare feet foot prints. He then proceeded to make planks of wood with nails in it like the one above and and buried them with the nails pointing up so that my admirer would get a big surprise if he went peeking around my windows.  

Eventually Papa, Danny, Kenny and my dad organized a stakeout. The only person they saw while in hiding was a neighbor boy that came up to our property and turned around and went away. I guess he could tell that there was going to be trouble if he came up peeking in my windows again. 

But Kenny left the boards with nails in the flower beds for a long time. My dad and papa talked to the boys folks about it.

Because that's what dads and grandpa's do. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thank You Police Officers.

My Silly Witches

Halloween has always been such a fun time of year for me. I love cute Halloween things not ugly ones. And fun times not truly scary times. We love Gardner Village and their Witchfest and Witchy Palooza cuteness with all of the lights, decorations and of course the darling witches. If you are ever in Northern Utah give it and you will have so much fun. 

Now Mr. Blog on to an adventure that I forgot to tell you about; 
When I was a young girl I was staying with my Grandparents in Vacaville, CA. My Papa King was Chief of Police at the time and was very busy. One night he had to go on a stakeout to catch a guy that had been trying to get into a ladies house that lived alone. I think her husband was away because he was in the Air Force stationed at Travis Air Force Base. The guy had also been being a Peeping Tom. Scary stuff right there. That night when Papa was out setting a trap I was woken up by a scratching sound at the back door and the sound of door knob being jiggled in a bedroom of of the patio in the backyard. Nana King came down the hall in a bit to check on me and said she had heard the same thing. Whoever it was knew that Papa was gone and he was going to take advantage of the situation. nana called the police station and they sent an officer right over. Whew! We were safe gain. 

**Thank you police officers for all you do.**

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fireworks And The Peeping Tom

When I was little like Caitlin I lived on 2nd Avenue in Sacramento California.

My house was a cute little white house with two bedrooms, one bath, 
a single car garage, pink azaleas and a huge tree in the backyard. 

My street was close to the old fair grounds so during the state fair I had huge fireworks every night right up in my same sky.

I got in a lot of trouble in those days and often found myself playing 

in my backyard alone. 

I was always given the same instructions: 

don't climb on the fence and don't pick the neighbors cherries. 

So as soon as I found myself bored silly the best thing I could think of to do 
was to climb that fence and pick the neighbors cherries.

One night during the fireworks my Papa King came off of the front porch 

where the grownups had been sitting and told me to come in the house. 

"Why Papa, the fireworks aren't done?" 

"Because there is a bad man hiding behind the telephone pole." He explained.

I came in the house. 

Papa followed the man and made a citizens arrest over by the County Hospital. 

My Papa was awesome, he was a California Highway Patrol Officer 

and he knew his stuff.

I guess Papa had arrested the same man that had been peeking in my window at night. 

Papa called that man a "Peeping Tom."

I could smell Toms cigarette and see the glow of it in the dark. 

I kept telling my daddy about Tom but when he would come in my room 
he said he couldn't see or smell anything. 

My window was always open to let fresh air in but I think that because my daddy smoked he couldn't smell as good as me.

I sure am glad my Papa caught Tom.

Papa never bawled me out for being naughty. 

I think it was because he was just like me.

Grammy T.