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Thursday, October 9, 2014

UFO - Did you say UFO?


 This is a UFO. It means Unfinished Object. Quilters have a tendency to see a lot of beautiful things they want to quilt and they don't finish everything they started. 

The rule for a UFO challenge at my quilt guild is that it has to be 
something in your stash and you don't need to buy anything for to finish. 

Or something like that. 

This is one of three UFO's I have to finish before Novembers meeting. 

I washed it so it would turn out old fashioned looking. 
And because it's a grandma quilt. 

I started with a pile of scrapes and just sewed a lot of 
pieces together until I had a 
12 1/2 by 12 1/2 block. 

Then I sewed all the blocks together to make a quilt top. 
I then layered the back which was popcorn minky 
and the batting 
which I pieced together from leftovers 
and then I put the quilt top on. 

I pinned it together. 

I will show you how I do that with the binder Clips 
on one of my next blog posts.
With these Frixion pens, that I ordered from Amazon, 
I marked the quilt top with designs.

They iron off with a warm steam iron. 

After I had the free motion quilting done I put on the binding. 
This is the walking foot that I use to do that. 

See the little blade on this walking foot, I  love it. 
It keeps me on the straight and narrow.

This is the stitching on the front of the quilt.

This picture shows you how the stitching shows up on that minky. 
The minky is really cute and cuddly. 

Here it is when I got the binding done and before I washed it. 

BTW, The Frixion pen washed out completely.

I'm not that good and I am a humble quilter but 
I love it.

Grammy T.