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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Love Fancy Guppies

Did you know that I love Guppies? Well I do. They are gorgeous.

When I was little I lived on Argo Way in Sacramento, California. 
It was a little house that sometimes had a silver side when the rest was 
painted pink and I could tell people to look for the silver house when they 
were hunting for me. 

Any who... the neighbors had guppies. Not a big tank just a big bowl and those guppies had guppies and then those guppies had guppies. 

Whew it was so fun to see the explosion of little pretty fish and I got 
some guppies too.

Much better than the poly wogs that I caught every spring at St. Mary's Cemetery, the place I was forbidden to ever, ever go.  

"Where did you get those poly wogs?"  Mom would ask and of course being the angelic child that I was I answered "In the gutter by Jiggy's house."
Of course she really believed that. 

Back to my guppies...So when I couldn't do a lot with my hands and because some of my Granddaughters came to help me clean my house so that one of them could raise $7.00 for a frog house and we had to go hunting for all of the important things that go with little critters. I wound up at the pet stores 
and couldn't resist the beautiful guppies that they have now. 

Guppies have really changed since I was little. They are gorgeousThere are red, blue, green, purple and much more. 

There is a blue and a leopard mama in my tank. And I had a leopard daddy that Christi bought me for my birthday. He died but I am going to get another one because he was so, so beautiful. 

One of the funny things that happened is that about 30 little baby guppies 
that were six weeks old had babies! I had to put on my reading glasses to see them. 

I keep my tank at about 80 - 82 degrees and I guess that is what happens when they are kept nice warm. 

So now I have many, many Fancy Guppies. 

Grammy T.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sweet Memories for Sure

When I was little we lived on Argo Way in Sacramento, 
my mom would get Canned Boston Beans and 
Canned Boston Brown Bread. 

The bread was sweet and we ate it toasted 
with lots of butter. 

The beans were very sweet too so it all made for 
sweet memories for sure. 

I found a recipe for the Canned Brown Bread. 

I thought it would be very fun for 
us all to try to make our own. 

But if you are too busy and want to buy them 
here is what they look like 
in the can. 

B & M Brown Bread Original (Plain) 16 oz.

Grammy T.