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Thursday, January 30, 2014

One of My Most Popular Blogs

I was reading a blog post about the most popular blog posts that you have written. 

I decided to check again to see which one's that I've done that consistently have gotten 
the most attention.

I have had over 23,560 page views and thought it would be fun to check. 
That's really not very many viewings compared to 
many blogs out there. 

One of my posts that gets a lot of views is 

It is viewed by people from all over the world. 
The last person visiting that blog post was from Mumbai, Maharashtra. 
Which tells me that there are a lot of 
unhappy brides out there in 
the hinterlands. 
And if you know me you know that I immediately went 
to Google to check this place out. 
Wikipedia says that it is also known by it's former name 
of Bombay India and is the most populous 
city in India 

I have a feeling that Aunt Kate was very sad because of a different
reason than the women from a crossed the world that 
read this story. 

She was sad because she hurt her father. 
Her mother had died and she had been the mother in the home. 
It was time for her to move on as we all must but this is what she said;

"But it almost broke my father up. If it had been my funeral he couldn't have felt worse. When congratulations were in order, he shook Jim's hand and said, with tears coursing down his cheeks, that Jim had taken the best spoke out of his wheel. It almost broke my heart and I would have given anything to have reconciled my father to my leaving."

I feel her pain don't you? 
I never wanted to hurt my father, ever. 
As I'm sure you didn't either.  

Grammy T.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Story of A Pioneer Named Kate

Kate Emily Pillsbury - Lammersville School 1927

These Pictures are of Kate's nieces and nephews
a few generations down the line
and they are Daniel Hackett Pillsbury
and Bridgett Delia Curley's
GGGG grandchildren.

Grammy T.