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Friday, February 11, 2011

She thought I Was Her Mama

Miss Patti and Jenna

Patty was my favorite 
black sheep 
she thought I was 
her Mama.

Of course I was there 
when she was born 
on St. Patrick’s Day. 

I named her Patti for the occasion.  

Those were happy days 
before the mountain lion, 
wild dogs and coyotes came to 
break my heart. 

I loved pulling lambs, spinning wool and 
everything else that had to do with 
my sheep. 

I loved that I could think of The Savior Himself 
when I took care of 
the sheep. 

He said “come follow me” 
and I found that with the sheep 
that it was so much easier to have them 
“follow me” with my bucket of grain 
than to try to push or pull 
them anywhere. 

Children are like that too, you know. 
They don’t like to be pushed or pulled.
I sure didn't like to be pushed or pulled. 

So “come follow me” works the very best
every time. 

Try it you'll see.

Grammy T.