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Monday, June 8, 2015

Lo Carb Diet and Cheesy Biscuit copycats

Cheese Biscuits like Red Lobster's

So I didn't want to do it, that Lo Carb diet.  Now truth be told I'd been having hot red burning feet at night for awhile and knew what it meant. It usually means too much sugar in the blood. And I knew what I had to do. Also my stomach was puffing way out and was very uncomfortable. And I have high triglycerides and I felt like a big mess. 

But while looking at Facebook the other day I ran into a recipe for those Cheese Biscuits like they have at Red Lobster. 

You heard of the man that died because he ate 420 of these awesome biscuits. They are really good but not that good. Goodness!

Back to my story. On Facebook I went to the page of the girl with the recipe and I found a video about how she has lost 108 pounds from eating low carb.  And she also shows the most gorgeous recipes that are way over the top full of carbs for picnics and church socials. She's a very smart marketer because she sells weight loss pills too and has over 1,350,000 followers! 

Anyway back to her lo carb video's:

Shopping for Low Carb #2. Love the simplicity of it. This is the video that got me started. .

I love this frozen with 3 drops of doTerra lemon essential oil or lemon juice. Danny loves them with blueberries. A fun little one carb dessert. 

How to cook a low carb dinner.

I don't do Courtney's pills but I thank her for the big fat push that I need to get me back on the diet a doctor put me on when I was on my mission in Florida. And if you have trouble with diabetics this is for you also. 

How do I feel now after 5 days on the low carb? My feet don't burn anymore and my tummy is better and I don't feel like a mess anymore. :)

Now that I shared this awesomeness I can, 
Quilt On!

Grammy T.