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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Google Plus Ate My Photo's - Pinterest to The Rescue

Nobody's Perfect not even Google+

My pictures got eaten by Google+ and now I am having to try to find them. It is very sad to loose years of blogging images in one fell swoop. 
The Flirty Blog shares these insights. And She is smart!

I am so glad that I posted almost all of my blogs to Pinterest because I am finding some of the hard to find pictures there. 


Pinterest to the Rescue

Flirty says:

If you haven't already joined Google+ but intend to do so you need to be aware that if you are using the image uploader provided by Blogger to add photos to your blog posts those photos are being stored in a Picasa web photo album associated to your blog.

I believe it's the second item in the screenshot image above that people are concerned about. It's the one that says:

"Your album's visibility settings aren't changed, but people they're shared with can now share them with others."

You read this and decide you don't want to let your friends on Google+ share your images with their friends.

This means if you:

  1. Remove images from your blog's Picasa album
  2. Delete the album completely
  3. Delete your Picasa account
  4. Assume the album you see in Google+ is a duplicate (it's the original) and delete it (ETA: I read online the Photos Community Manager Brian Rose said in a Google Group that Google will ". . .make it clearer that your Picasa photos themselves are displayed on Google+ and not copied" which should solve this problem.)
  5. Create a new Gmail account and move your blog to the new account then delete the original Gmail account (This is the only non-Google+ issue)
You will lose all of your blog images hosted in the associated Picasa photo album(s) meaning they will disappear from your blog. Forever. 

This is what we get now if we want to delete some of the pictures from Google+.

This is what is suggested that Google+ should do to sufficiently warn people of the risks. The Flirty Blog is really good right? 

So be very careful!

 Grammy T.