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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Heavenly Father Sent Us Two Black Cows

I've always loved looking at the faces of cows. 

So when I was reading Ree Drummond's Blog and looking up a 
yummy recipe that I just had to have to cook for dinner.
 I stumbled upon this little guy. 

Adorable right?

That jogged my memory back in-time when we had just moved to 
Loomis California. 
It was a hundred years ago in 
about 1987. 

One night when we were kneeling down for family prayer my husband 
asked my little girl Amy if she would like to say the prayer.  
"Sure" she said. 
During the prayer she asked Heavenly Father to please send us 
some cows because they were so cute and 
their faces were so sweet. 

Of course I was thinking not a chance that would happen, 

 In the middle of the night there was such a ruckus going on outside. 
Dogs were barking, coyotes were howling, 
the whole works. 

I couldn't see a thing out there it was so dark. 
We had no street lights, we lived in the country for pitty sake. 

Well low and behold the next morning standing in our front pasture were two
Big Black Angus girls.



No kidding


The End

Grammy T.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Precious Little One's

Our Savior Jesus Christ also has a body 

Because we, the members of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 
don't believe in the Nicene Creed we are deemed 
by some folks as not being Christian.

In other words we believe that 
God is our Heavenly Father, 
He has a body and we are made in his image.

and is one with the Father in purpose, 

not in body. 

The Holy Ghost is also a separate being. 

Having been raised in one of the "other" Christian Churches, 
 that believe in the Nicene Creed, 
I asked my Momma 
what God looked like.

She said that I should think of Him as a big head floating 
and listening to my prayers and that 
He could be everywhere. 

As a little tiny girl my teachings of 
Jesus Christ was much easier to understand.

 Jesus came to the earth and was born of Virgin Mary 
and He loved me and He walked the earth
 just like me and he was good and kind 
and He truly loved little children.

He said we would go to Heaven if we were good like He was 
and if "we were as a little child". 

I loved Him so much and many times 
I felt Him with me. 

The Holy Ghost scared me at first because ghosts were 
scary to little girls. 

In fact my little friend Sally Jo was saying her prayers one night 
at my Nana Pills' house and she ended her prayer...

"In the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost".  

Well that did it for those two little one's 
and my Nana had to sleep with us to get us to calm down. 

Children are so Dear you know. 

Grammy T.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy "It Didn't Happen Day" Everyone

It's going to give me time to clean my laundry room before the big one.
Of course who cares because it would be such a mess anyway.

Speaking of big messes, the poor South really took a beating a few days ago. 
Wow, 342 tornado's in just a small amount of time.  
397 or more people died and over
300 of those people lived
in Alabama. 
So sad.

And it is still flooding, 

Let's remember them in our prayers