Friday, March 11, 2011

I Hid It In The Towel Drawer

  My hubby told me it wasn't wise for me to take the telephone off the hook in case something happened and someone needed to call or get a hold of me. 

"I probably will do it again dear" I said. 

The next day at nap time I took the telephone off of the hook 
and put it in the drawer with the towels and hot pads in the kitchen so that 
no one could call to wake up anyone at nap-time.

Speaking of phones hanging in the kitchen....

 We had those looooooooong cords on the phone that would reach clear across the house.

Then we could take the phone everywhere we went including the laundry room, down the stairs to the play room, really it was the big fat mess room, 
that got cleaned at least twice a year whether it needed it or not. 

But back to the phone. 

I could put the baby under that phone (Jessie) with the loooong cord and hang a tied bread bag to it or a toy to it and let her play with that thing for hours....
well not for hours but for a long time while I cleaned the kitchen or messed it up again making bread dough or whatever. 

I must say…who needed cordless phones or cell phones back in the day?

I am very sad for the people of Japan, the Islands and anywhere else that the Tsunami has reeked havoc. I wish I could send them all dinner, a quilt and a hug to go with it.

Grammy T.


Julie said...

HaHaHa! I remember when I was a kid and my mom was called as the Relief Society president in our ward. The first line of a longer phone cord.

Grammy T. said...

Thanks for coming by to visit Julie.
Come again.

Ailinh Harris said...

Yep. I totally remembered having a looooong phone cord. It was so long, my mom even got to SPEAK on the phone while she gardened!

Grammy T. said...

Yep, that too. We could go right into the backyard.:)
How you doing with the packin'?