Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Great To See Better!

Boswella Tree
Hi all, I have had Wet Macular Degeneration for a few years that was caused by using Advair. I had shots in my eye to help it but that didn't help very much at all and I was allergic to the shots. I was taking Frankincense internally for arthritis and when I went to my eye doctor again to get another shot for the WMD he said, "you don't need a shot, your WMD is going away." I asked him what I had done and he said there was nothing I could have done to make the change and to come back in two months and he would check me again. When I got in the car I told my husband that it must have been the frankincense that I was taking in capsules that had started to clear my eye.

It hadn't fully cleared up and I had stopped taking the frankincense daily thinking I didn't need it for the arthritis. Since then I came up with another concoction for my capsules that has frankincense, clove, orange, sandalwood and lavender oils for another condition. Guess what? After taking that for three days I can read with my right eye this morning. Wow!! Ask me how I love essential oils. :)

I've had cancer twice and I really don't want to get it again so I am using preventive measures. I had breast cancer in 1986 and thyroid cancer in 2007 with the operations and treatments that went with them. If you research frankincense and cancer on Google you will come up with the studies.

Did I tell you that I have developed an allergy for almost all prescriptions? Well I have. It's crazy so therefore I am constantly studying other means of healing.

Melissa is another essential oil I take in a capsule daily. It is wonderful. Expensive but so worth it. I cut all the oils with fractionated coconut oil before I put them in the capsule. Study Melissa too. It is so good and can mellow you right out. I call it my Happy Pill. It's good for a restful nights sleep too and at my age that is a wonder to behold. :) 

So long until we meet again. 



Grammy T.

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