Friday, October 10, 2014

Box Elder Bugs I Hate You!

Box Elder bugs
Really I do not like them at all.

Those things come like clock work every year. 

So here's the facts Mack.

The boxelder bug:

  • likes to bask in the sun
  • feeds on seed-bearing female boxelder trees, but also like maple and ash trees
  • lays eggs on the trunks of these trees
  • seeks shelter in cracks and crevices on buildings to survive winter seasons
  • emerges in spring once temperatures are warmer, but will occasionally emerge earlier on sunny days
  • choose the south and west sides of buildings to swarm to because they're the sunniest and warmest
  • population is most abundant during hot, dry summers.
  • poop on the windowsills inside of the house.
  • crawl all over the floor and get stepped on and squished in the throw rugs. 
  • fly around and land on the innocent and scare them to death. 

So what's the answer?

1. We need to close all cracks and crevices in our homes.
Oh OK, that will be easy.

2. Chop down all Box Elder trees and Maple trees in our yards. 
Oh OK, I'll do that tomorrow. 

3. Re-insulate our houses with TAP.
TAP is Thermal Acoustical Pest Control insulation is 
nothing short of awesome. 
 For areas in your house that you don't go 
into very often, like your attic, 
TAP will do the work for you.

Perfect because since it installs itself and 
works all by itself I'm set. 

Love, Grammy T. 

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