Thursday, February 19, 2015

#BFPTqal From The Book "Blocks From The Past"

These are blocks for the #BFPTqal challenge. 
The above are:
1. Duck and Duckling
2. Carrie Nation
3. Jacobs Ladder 
4. Cake Stand

5. Windblown Square

6. This And That

7. Friendship Album

The book we are using is on the right side at the top.
I have done two more but will show them next time. I did the Churn Dash Wrong. I will still use it in my son's quilt but I will make another Churn Dash the right way and show you the difference. 

I do love this challenge it has been fun and challenging for me. It makes me think of all of the quilts from the past in America that used these blocks. The pieces are little and use very little fabric. So I have used scrapes except for the black borders. 

Grammy T.

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