Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A New Start No Matter How Old you Are

I am still enthralled by the Keto Diet that I have been studying about. There is a very touching video by Kristiea lady that changed the way she eats and the way she looks. It is about her journey of being very chubby all her life and now at 45 she is finally wearing the clothes she has always wanted to wear. Her story is here and you should watch it if you also struggle with being heavy or just not feeling good. 

Kristie asked a lady that she went to church with to pray for her in her struggles with weight loss. She just couldn't do the things she wanted with her family being as heavy as she was. This lady not only said that she would pray for her but she also brought her the book that had changed her life. Now Kristie dedicates her life sharing how she now cooks for herself and for her family in her YouTube videos called "Cooking Keto with Kristie"

I have been eating this way for awhile now and I do have more energy and I am loosing weight also. There are so many names for eating this way and so many YouTube videos showing you how to cook this way that you can't go wrong trying it. 

We are all getting older all of the time and it isn't fun being old and tired and in pain. This way of eating helps to eliminate the tired and the pain part, the getting old part is just the way it is but we may as well make it as good as possible, not by taking pills etc. but by eating the way we should to feel better.  

I hope this post will give you the information that you need to make a new start no matter how old you are. 

Love, Grammy T.